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Recently the laboratory has also been involved in the modelling of the traffic pollution in the historical center of the city of Thessaloniki. OSPM has been employed to estimate NOx and PM10 concentrations in the area.

Assael M.J., Delaki X., and Kakosimos K., “Local Scale Vehicles Pollution Study in the Absence of Sufficient Data: The Case of the City of Thessaloniki”, WIT Trans.: Ecol. and Environm.101:137-146 (2007)
Assael M.J., Delaki M., and Kakosimos K., “Applying the OSPM Model in the Calculation of PM10 Concentration Levels in the City of Thessaloniki”, Atmospheric Environment 42:65-77 (2008)

   CFD Applicaions   

CFD packages are employed to simulate air distribution and consequently CO2 and NO2 polutants as well as PM10, generated by traffic and external soucres, in the historical centre of Thessaloniki (shown above).



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